Congratulations on your new home!

Now that you are a proud owner of new realestate, there is time to turn those empty rooms into Home. Luckily Isku has almost a century of experience in the field of interior design! From our product range, you will find everything according to your to preference. Thanks to the large selection of fabrics, colors and models, you can find every detail to create the most homely interior. We are here to help you with any interior design aspects and help you find the best solutions.

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Furnishing the living room

Properly chosen furniture fits in with the rest of the interior, adds originality and is at the same time practical. The easiest way to start furnishing is to choose larger items. For example, starting with the living room, the location of the sofa and the TV could be set in the first place – as we all know, they are the heart of the living room. Who among us would not like to relax on a cozy sofa and watch a movie with our loved ones.

Choosing the sofa depends on the size of the room and the needs of the family – a small family of two can probably handle a double or triple sofa in a smaller room, but a larger family would definitely need a larger corner sofa. In order to better furnish the room, instead of one large sofa, two smaller ones can be chosen. Or use various poufs as additional seating areas.

The most comfortable sofas and armchairs can be found here:

Furnishing the dining area

The family is just as strong as its traditions. One of the best family traditions is to enjoy your morning coffee and dinner together with loved ones. A decent dining table is a key element in creating warm emotions and shared memories!

Traditional solid wood table is definitely a sure choice that will remain in the dignity of the dining room for decades. For more trendy look choose an oak table with a slightly translucent white or brown stain – the result of a well-known classic in a modern Nordic key.

For those who appreciate modern style and smart solutions we would recommend a glass or ceramic table tops by Italian designers. Again, the size and shape depends on the size of the dining room and the family. Nowadays, for example, folding tables are especially popular, being suitable for a smaller family on a daily basis as well as for bigger events. Just add dining chairs that you like and that fit into other interiors.

Stylish furniture for dining room:

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